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The goal of the HelpSteps toolset is to alleviate disparities in health and social well-being in our community by connecting individuals to local resources. HelpSteps is developed and maintained by The Online Advocate team at Boston Children's Hospital.

What are the HelpSteps tools?

Conceived in 2004 by Dr. Eric Fleegler, HelpSteps is a set of web-based tools designed to connect individuals with local resources.

Our long-term goal is for all individuals and families to be able to access the agencies and resources that will help them address their health and social service needs. To meet that goal we have developed tools designed to efficiently and effectively identity users' needs and provide targeted referrals to the health and social service agencies and resources best-suited to meet those needs.

Who can use the HelpSteps tools?

The assessment and referral tools will be available at no cost to anyone with access to a computer connected to the Internet.

We also offer a fee-for-service tool that allows agencies to track client information and view both individual and aggregate data on clients. For more information about the features, pricing and availability, please contact us at